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First appearing in Madness Redeemer

Although he killed Hank again, he quickly revived him to toy with him. The origin of the word is uncertain, perhaps from a Scandinavian word cognate with clumsy. Quickly turning around, he grabbed the injured Jesus and tore the top half of his head off. It had features such as the mask and twin hair pieces, but the likenesses ended there. Jesus then falls from the building and kills Hank by shooting him in the head, then turns and lands a lethal blow on Tricky's Portable Improbability Drive with the same gun, destroying it.

Another influential tramp character was played by Otto Griebling during the s to s. Early Appearance Edit Although it has been suggested that Tricky is the original dancing man in the first Madness Combat, this is unconfirmed. Hank attempts to strike him with the chainsaw he recently obtained, but it is merely thrown aside by the homicidal clown. After the train crashed, Tricky fought Hank.

This appears to be the end for Tricky, until his body is absorbed by the Auditor in Madness Abrogation. First appearing in Madness Redeemer, Tricky has been featured in every Madness Combat animation and short since. The explosion cloud was shaped like Tricky's head. He first appeared after the activation of the Improbability Drive.

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His face paint starts white, but his face turns green when he is ressurected as a zombie. Hank chopped the top half of Tricky's head off with his katana, taking a portion of the mask and red hair off with it.

After getting close enough to Tricky to knock his engineer's hat off, Hank watched as Tricky fled very far and very quickly and called down a copy of the previous building between himself and Hank. Tricky spends most of this animation chasing Hank who is fleeing, who barely escapes each assault. Tricky returned in Madness Avenger evidently unharmed. Tricky showed up with two other basic enemies who attempted to defeat Hank but were easily swept aside. American comedian George L.

Apparently he was in the employment of the sheriff and was sent to protect him after Hank gave chase, but whether or not they were connected in any way is still unknown. They remain dead since Madness Consternation and they're just simple cameos.

This would indicate that Tricky revived Hank to let him slay all of the agents he can until he meets up with Tricky where another note has been left. Clowns of America International established and World Clown Association established are associations of semi-professionals and professional performers. It is unknown if the Auditor or Tricky will return in future episodes. Tricky suddenly became extremely powerful, actually shaking uncontrollably. In one swift move, Tricky tore his head off and pounded it into the ground.

Tricky makes his last major appearance in Madness Consternation. Mercilessly, Tricky was hacked into with an axe and shot up, left to drop over the cliff. June There are different types of clowns portrayed around the world.