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Every time we use a search engine on Google that is using algorithms which he put in place. Fake profiles are deleted. Mr Lowe denies two charges of murder.

For those who have spent decades fighting for him to take his rightful place in history, the hope is that the power of cinema will finally see him recognised as the genius he was. She has always been open and honest with her work colleagues about her diabetes and it does not impact her ability to do her job. In response to the beheading of the aid worker Alan Henning, he wrote that he did not support the killing of innocent people. Enter Turing in tweed, a Cambridge mathematician and author of a paper on the imitation game, a blueprint for a universal thinking machine. Yesterday, Mr Dewani came face to face with one of the men jailed for murdering his wife, in their first meeting since the night she was shot.

New campaign targets mobile phone usage while driving A campaign has been launched in France to try and reduce the number of road accidents caused by mobile phones. He was tortured after he was captured in Afghanistan.

As diabetes becomes more and more prevalent, it is also becoming a factor in the workplace. Brings a new meaning to drone warfare. It worked in the sense that I can now threaten to telephone Father Christmas to tell him that she's been bad and I receive instant compliance with my every command.

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It can also be safer from a security point of view, and not much more expensive, to charter a plane in London rather than arranging one locally, a source said. Two thirds of ten to year-olds say they talk to their mother about things that matter a lot to them once a week. However, they are also used by violent extremists to advance their aims, whether through engagement, propaganda, radicalisation or recruitment. The hours of work in the kitchen suited her condition much less well and caused her more problems. Mr Dewani started to cry as Qwabe described the moment she was shot.