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Do angel and cordelia hook up

Awakening Because she can't lose himWhen Angel turns

Awakening Because she can't lose him. When Angel turns around, Cordelia is gone.

Shakedown Because he literally dreams about her. CoA That smile exchange as he hands her the box. To save her life, Cordelia accepts Skip's offer to alter history so that she never met Angel in L.

Reprise Cordy is the one Angel is most desperate to get to. Sonambulist She won't turn on him because of his past. It's not because he had the visions, it's because he didn't have Cordelia. Because she was the only who could convince him they needed Angelus. Awakening Because he's never been more sure of anything.

In the season finale, Cordelia arranges to meet Angel to confess her feelings, but is prevented from doing so by Skip, who informs her that she has become a higher being. Heartthrob Because she wouldn't leave his side. Because David and Charisma are just as cute together.