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Pretty Boy Hairstyle This is just a figure a speech, as this hairdo works for men of all ages, giving you a presentable and not too complicated look with long, soft bangs that cover your forehead. Throwback Asian Hair Paying homage to the s, Miyavi recently showed up at a movie premiere with a stylish undercut, paired with long brushed back top hair. You can either give it a natural look or apply some hair gel, to hold it together. Do not try to bleach your hair at home by yourself.

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Best of all, it can also be worn down with length if you want a change of pace or wish to go a bit more casual. Using a light hold styling product, Shen used a blowdryer on damp hair to achieve the cool lift and height on top. Pompadour Yup, Asian men can pull off the pompadour too. Long Wavy Hairstyle Featuring wavy and wild strands of hair, this haircut does not need any hair products to make it look better. The Comb Over Brush your hair back using some hair products and shave your sides.

His hair looks all natural and perfectly styled. Long and Straight This one is usually seen in rock stars, but you can pull it off too. Each and every spike of hair has to be cut at a different length to create tapered layers. Pink Modern Front Brush Comb your hair to the front and part it in the middle. If you have medium or long hair, the deed is half done.

If you decide to add facial hair later, you will have plenty more greatness to work with. Casual Spike Spiky hair seems to be prominent in the Asian community, and this is one of the more tame looks when it comes to that particular style. The hair is brushed to the back or parted to the side, giving the person a gloomy, yet attractive look.

Platinum Effect This is definitely one of the newest and coolest trends in Asian men hairstyles. Mighty Spike This is a style of spiky hair that goes about as high as your hair can go. Simple Short Hairstyle Featuring slim trimmed sides and longer top hair, this has become one the favorite short hairstyles for Asian men, being worn by actors and sportsmen.