To the west lies Berkhamsted

Dating hemel hempstead

The developments were built on land originally donated to the town for recreational purposes. It was developed as part of the second wave of development of the New Town commencing in and completed in stages by the early s.

However, no developments took place for a couple of years. The cress beds were redeveloped as the modern-day Water Gardens. In the first automatic papermaking machinery was developed in Hemel by the Fourdrinier brothers at Frogmore. Unfortunately, the operation fell victim to the freesheet revolution of the s, the titles closing in with the loss of jobs.

To the south

The ice rink was also proposed to close, a move seen as controversial by many locals. To the south lies Watford and the beginnings of the Greater London conurbation.

The Leisure World complex would be demolished as soon as the new unnamed project is completed. It is co-run by Youth Connexions and Sportspace, and was built on land for a small park.

Built by Fairview Estates it has property ranging from four-bedroom detached houses down to one bedroom low-rise flats. In Cranstone's son built a steam powered coach which he drove to London, but which was destroyed in a crash on the return journey. It was once a popular place for actors and artists to live. Further extensive redevelopment of the northern end of Marlowes was also given the green light in and has now been completed.

The ice rink was

Some buildings have been retained for their historic interest and to provide a home for the Paper Museum. Now a suburb of Hemel with many warehouse outlets set in retail parks, a large office facility for Hertfordshire County Council and a large Sainsbury's supermarket.

Kiln Ground, Bennetts End. The New Town expansion took place up the valley sides and on to the plateau above the original Old Town. Other districts existed before the newtown as suburbs, villages and industrial centres and were incorporated into the town. Bank Court became a piazza environment for market stalls and the food court received options and improved seating. More lighting will be installed as well.