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Or honest at the wrong time. With flowers, she moves on. Even if you wanted to get into the dating scene, you are afraid that you have already lost your touch dated. How To Answer a Tough Question by a Finnish Woman An example regarding the last point of the above list seems needed, as so many men stumble with that one. It may be the starting point of a happy adventure.

Be a man, pamper her and make her feel like the queen of your heart. Hopefully, you also think this naturally.

Make several sentences of reassuring answers all pointing to no. How to spot that right mental state, you may ask. Make her feel that she is beautiful. That is super romantic to her.

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If not, the right answer to the original question is no and always no. Furthermore, you can find plenty of crooks in this market. The odds are that you will have a miserable night, you paid the babysitter for nothing, your sweetheart will mope, and you have no time to find those flowers to be delivered to the opera. Do not talk all the time to avoid silence. Now, breathe and concentrate.

When she finds out that you are having a carousel of women, she will delete your contact details immediately from her phone. When she is moping around, buy her flowers. If there is some improvement to be made, you guys have plenty of time to talk about healthy eating and exercise some other day and make it a team effort.

In many cases, the discussion will flow to other topics. Accept long silent pauses in your interaction. Talking will lead to fighting or even more extensive moping.