Great book, and enchanting story

Dating a cougar by donna macdonald

What a loved most was

It was moving and funny at the same time. Add humorous interactions and voila.

Alexa confident, self assured, smart, business minded and generous. Really funny characters that you won't be able to get enough of. This story is hilarious and I found it very hard to stop reading.

What a loved most was the reality off the persons and their determination to overcome everthing. They do, but not without a few bumps along the way. Since I live in Maryland I knew the visualization of the settings were easy to relate to.

It was a simple read, meaning I didn't have to struggle to get into the story. Thought the writing was well done, enjoyed the story line and characters, including the way they interacted with each other. McDonald drew me in and i didn't want too let go.

They do but not without a

Strong, funny, independent woman with unintimidated, assured, sexy man. This story was very funny. Very nicely written and the characters were believable.

Thks for the humour I really had a great time reading this great story. If you start reading this book you will find it hard to put down.