Circles srdan golubovic online dating

Circles srdan golubovic online dating

This is a complex film which lives up to its title, which refers to ripples made in the water when you throw a stone. The film did have a Bosnian partner, the company Pro. Also, there is no Bosnian co-producer and a big part of the film was shot in Trebinje, in Bosnia. The story is complex and the film was shot in three countries. Jelena told us the story and we were all really shaken and moved by it.

The film is populated with compelling characters and powerful performances. Memento Films International handles the international rights. Haris now lives in Halle, Germany, and he is compelled to help Marko's former girlfriend Nada Hristina Popovic who comes with her son, seeking refuge from abusive husband.

The character of Ranko is very complex but minimalistic. The whole cast is the top of the Balkan acting scene, but two actors stand out.

My producer Jelena Mitrovic read the story about Aleksic on the internet. It took me a long time to get back to working on Circles without it making me feel bitter and empty because of the loss of a friend. In the end it turned out that for me he was the easiest actor to work with.

The screenwriting couple has produced a complicated script which would probably fall apart in the hands of a less skilled director. You worked with most of the actors before, but the choice of Aleksandar Bercek was probably the wisest casting decision. Also, for me Circles are the end of my questioning of the time I used to live in, and like the characters of the film, a need to get out of the shadow of the time that has marked my life. When I put all this together, it was clear it had to be Bercek.

Hippocratic oath and all, he is faced with a moral dilemma, all the harder to solve as he is the only doctor who can do this kind of operation. Veteran Serbian actor Bercek has a role in which it is easy step over an emotional line, and he masterfully controls it.

Personally, the biggest private and professional challenge for me was the death of the editor and one of my closes friends Marko Glusac. Co-written by Srdjan and Melina Pota Koljevic, the film is based on actual events, but tells a completely fictitious story about consequences of a heroic act. Shooting a film in Serbia is an obstacle by itself. We hadn't known each other and many people were telling me he was hard to work with.

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