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Plan Colombia was pushed

Plan Colombia was pushed forward but the drug trade was not subdued. Todas son importantes y todas hacen la diferencia. The constitution introduced a formal vice presidency. The production and consumption of natural gas have grown since the mids. President Barco did not match the rhetoric of his campaign with policies of any substance, and the economy continued to stagnate.

Venezuela and Ecuador seceded, but Panama remained part of Colombia. However, after the death of Escobar, crime rates in the city began to decrease. This growth could be tied to the increases in private investment and household consumption during Alvaro Uribe's term, in which he sought to boost investor confidence ion the country.

When the fall of Rojas was imminent, Liberal and Conservative leaders met to discuss Colombia's future. The standard workday is eight hours with a hour workweek. Avianca handles about two-thirds of the domestic and international movement of passengers. The traditional parties have lost so much power that President Uribe was elected as an independent.

Abstract Archived at the Wayback Machine. The Congress consists of a member Chamber of Representatives and a member Senate. The right to strike is guaranteed by the constitution with the exception of essential workers, such as those in the armed forces or the police.

Todas son importantes y todas

These two parties consistently dominated Colombian politics. Rojas ruled as an absolute dictator, but could not quell the violence still raging in the field. Each departmental assembly meets yearly for a session of two months. Corruption in Colombia Corruption in Colombia is a pervasive problem at all levels of government. Dairy farming, not important in the past, expanded in the s, especially near the big cities.