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Black Life coaches themselves have experienced great success, freedom, and opportunity from the profession. Aiming High is a training, coaching, and consulting company committed to building partnerships that support each client in creating their extraordinary future.

Reinvention Now is committed to helping clients achieve clarity, create action steps, and to create measureable goals. Vision Matters Workshops including S. Each client is unique, each goal is unique, and each dream is special. We can become consumed with self-improvement that we do not really acknowledge our strengths. Iyanla Vanzant travels globally delivering her teachings and message of hope to many.

Her journalism career gave her a national platform to talk about issues. She has co-authored an award winning book and uses her expertise helping businesses shape corporate strategies that produce positive bottom line impact. Contact her directly by email at kawanza kbillypush. After some time, I was able to replace my beliefs about change with new ones, while also improving my self-confidence.

Black Life coaches themselves haveAiming High is a

She motivates the masses to take charge of their life and rescue themselves. It has professionally provided an outlet that is innovative, powerful, and uplifting to the lives of many. She is, indeed, making a powerful change in this space.