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Two-minute-long news and sport headlines are broadcast on the half-hour during breakfast programming. Mohammad Amir and Mahjeed had entered guilty pleas on the same charges. The Story of Forces Broadcasting in Germany. The case was the longest perjury trial in Scottish history. The British counterculture and The News Of The World have had an adversarial relationship that goes back for almost half a century.

International Times and activist and musician Mick Farren organised protests outside the Fleet Street offices of the newspaper. And then, of course, the whole game was played all over again against John Rotten and his ilk in the punk era. It is unknown if the shake-up will have any serious impact upon the operation in Cyprus, which produces local programmes during daytime hours from their base at Akrotiri. Rupert Murdoch has closed down his disgusting organ and I hope its memory will yellow and decay.

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Due to the suicide the libel action was forced to cease.