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Jericho was attacking Hall of Fame members and Flair demanded he respect them, before punching Jericho. Luckily, Angel later confesses that he always found the noblewomen of his era for whom Cordelia is the modern avatar to be a horrific bore. Kaoru is just invoking the trope to make Daigo jealous for his own reassurance. Slaughter versus the Spirit Squad. While he's a somewhat obnoxiously hip, self-centered lothario, he's also quite charming, friendly, and has good taste.

Castle, who is much less of a paragon, can only groan in exasperated misery when he hears this. She gives up on him and soon the series focuses on a love triangle between her, Zen and Taiga. Richard in Superman Returns. Leonard for his part also had Stephanie, an intelligent if possessive surgical resident whom he stole from Howard not that Howard really had a chance.

Their relationship doesn't last long, however, despite having no actual problems between the two, because she is killed by Overlord two days after their first kiss. He clearly has a crush on her and its implied she has feelings for him too, but Izumi isn't a major character and she even leaves the story for a while after the first few episodes. In the storyline, Flair taunted Savage by claiming that he had a prior relationship with Savage's wife, Miss Elizabeth.

Asuka was unknowingly this to Mandy. As it happened, the character's name was Paolo, the former name for this trope though not the Trope Namer. Melanie in Hereafter has all the hallmarks of the love interest who helps George to deal with his abilities. Happened again with the adaptation of Mr.

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Of course, it helps that Samson is a character from the Hulk comics, being Bruce's therapist and another Gamma-powered superhero though the latter part obviously wasn't in the movie. Rex seemed like a complete Jerk Ass at first, but turned out to be just a somewhat arrogant Ace. When Helen ditches him, he shows up outside the prison and sets fire to his wedding suit. She still gets better and outlives both Romeo and Juliet in the end.

Later he realized, though, and left. She spent two years with him before meeting Shinji again. Flair then challenged Col.

The Bostonians is about it, Daisy Miller has several and in The Ambassadors you can go the first two thirds of the book before realizing that the main character is this. Except she really does love him. We all know how this one ends. There's also Frank and Jen.

In the end Jude and Lucy get their happy ending, and we can only assume Molly and new husband Phil do, too. Triple H suggested that Batista not enter the Royal Rumble match, wanting the group to focus on Triple H retaining the title. He eventually married Kara, and they slightly more miraculously stayed that way through the end of the series. Magdalena even considers forgiving him, despite that he had betrayed her.

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In a moment of weakness after a fight with Carrot, Tira appears tempted to return Enzeru's affections, but in the end she can't betray her feelings for Carrot. After ninth grade, he attended Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for four years, during which time he participated in interscholastic wrestling, football, and track. Captain Benwick for Anne Elliot in Persuasion. This only serves to screw up Otto and keep him away from romance for a while afterwards. An unnamed Navajo girl in Gives Light serves as this for the two main characters.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall features a particular well-rounded false lead in Aldous Snow, the rock star who stole the main character's girlfriend. Technically Barkis is only a rival as far as Victoria's parents are concerned they want her married off to a rich man. Ironically enough, she became his actual Love Interest in Angel's own show.