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Are ben and courtney still dating after a year

The big question of the night. Next, the fam bam met Courtney.

We all know what happens when you arrive first. There, he revealed that the two had met on Tinder, and are enjoying a quiet life in the suburbs. Both ladies were wearing capes. The tabloids showed pictures of Ben kissing other ladies. Our Bachelor and Beer night turned into a classy event for the season finale.

Until next time, Bachelor fans. We settled in with homemade lasagna, salad, dessert and of course wine. She asked about life at a vineyard, and the date went pretty smoothly. He owns a vineyard, so brought a bottle of his wine with him to share with Ashley. Clearly, they were concerned about her behavior.

He was the runner-up, ultimately losing to J. From an audience perspective, this made Ben seem like a much weaker contestant than the eventual winner J.

They were shocked by how friendly she was, and afterward said that Courtney was the better match. While this season is ending, we have a whole new season of The Bachelorette coming up in the Spring. And the most hilarious tweet of the night has to go to Kelly Ripa for this beaut. Fingers crossed for another Bachelor success story.

However, I think all of the important things you need to know are covered. Over the first few weeks, Ben goes on group dates with Ashley, where they choreograph a dance, attend a comedy roast, and renovate a Thai orphanage. Ben made himself memorable from the moment he showed up in the season premiere. Of course, they loved her and approved because America loves her and approves.

Ashley may not be pregnant but the couple did announce they would be getting married within the year. He denied the accusations and said that Courtney went to try on wedding dresses to deflect heat from Ben. That fall, Ben and Courtney split for good. During the finale, Ben and J. Ben just dumped Lindzi on a mountain in Switzerland and asked to walk her out.

The big question

If you want to find out more about Ben, you can find him on Instagram as benflajnik. Ben clearly took a shine to Courtney early on in the season, and it caused trouble the whole time. The Bachelor is known for being dramatic and the contestants fighting with each other. Goodness knows we could use more of those. Lindzi was first to arrive at the final rose ceremony in a helicopter on top of a mountain in Switzerland.

Ben gets down on one knee and proposes to Courtney.

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