Easy to use and no need to install

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It works with different types of files zip, rar, pdf, etc. Using this method means that you already have an idea of what the password may be. It is a portable software tool without the need to install. Clear-cut interface and options The interface consists of a standard window split into three panes, where you can specify input settings as well as tinker with brute force or dictionary attack mode.

If you don't rush through the wizard, you should be able to spot all tricks and make a clean setup. Pay attention to the installer The whole setup procedure doesn't take long.

Though they are free to use, but every one of them has some defects and sometimes may hit your systems. The dictionary type of attack goes through a list of words in a text file, and is more likely to work if the password is not complex. It can be handled by anyone.

Nevertheless, you can test it for yourself. The dictionary attack mode is simpler and faster. In the brute-force tab you can define the characters used for generating the password, whilst on the dictionary tab you have to browse for a wordlist file to use. It is free and easy to use. The settings you made in the program can be saved and loaded at a later time.

Though they are free

Your program preferences can be saved and loaded from the Save and Load tabs. And the program freezes sometime. This is a simple-to-use software application that features advanced options wrapped up in a user-friendly interface. The application gives you the possibility to create a plain text document with multiple passwords to try out, one key per line. Recover passwords when different passwords there are used in one or more files in the archive.

It may be warned ad adware by real-time virus shield and hit your systems. In the same tab you also pick the minimum and maximum length of the password. Conclusion Average software with not many features and quite a lot of cons, although the fact that it supports multiple file types and two attack methods is a big advantage.