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Whenever he is frustrated at work or hurt in a relationship, he becomes angry. First and most important for us to understand, anger is a natural and healthy emotion. It helps us protect ourselves and stand up for ourselves. Sometimes, our anger towards one person or one group of people extends to include all similar people or groups. You can distract yourself from the pain by feeling righteous in your anger and indignation against someone or something.

One seems well-adjusted to her surroundings, has many friends and is on the surface, quite happy. Techniques of anger management are available and can be accessed through books, on the internet or through helping professionals.

We often carry these habits into our adult relationships which result in many miscommunications and misunderstandings. Sigmund Freud, a famous psychiatrist, says that depression is nothing but anger turned inwards. Getting angry frequently and staying angry means that your body remains in this tense, expectant state over a long period of time. She is very quiet, often feels unhappy or angry with herself. It is part of our fight-or-flight response when we are faced with something which scares us.

Anger becomes a problem only when it is expressed inappropriately. What Gaurav and Swetha also have in common is that they are expressing their anger inappropriately. Mostly, our anger is just not acknowledged and if it is, it is ignored.

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Often, we learn how to express our anger by imitating the way in which our family, relatives or friends express anger. However, what the two do have in common is anger. But at home, she is like a completely different person.

She is known to be very accommodating and helpful. Eventually, it begins to wear on your body.