Casey even made melodicas cool

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Ruben and Clay might be secretly relieved that they never had to compete alongside Miss Davis. He wore plaid, like Kris Allen.

And to think, it all started here. He had a working-class job, like Lee DeWyze. This was bizarrely awesome. The guy practically out-Tylered judge Steven Tyler, he was so nutty. Only a singer as great as Burnell Taylor could bring about temporary peace between those two ladies.

He wore plaidRuben and Clay

This was a fascinating audition, and Trent continue to intrigue as the final season continued apace. But P-Squared proved he had the talent to make a double name for himself. Lucky for her, and for us, Broadway and The Voice were waiting for her post-Idol. Everyone was totally ugly-crying by that point. At his audition, he played a rocked-up guitar cover of a Michael Jackson song, like David Cook.

Casey even made melodicas cool. So the fact that the last golden ticket was handed out long ago is bittersweet. The fire-dancer flamed out in Hollywood Week, unfortunately, but for about two weeks, she really was the most interesting person on television. Nine years later, many fans are still hopelessly devoted to Brandon.