Also try a shorter antenna

Am antenna hook up

This connection also makes an excellent ground for the receiver. Ground the coax to the cold water pipe for lightning protection if the loop is outside and high. The elements may be mounted on a small square of phenolic, fiberglass, or other weatherproof board material. These changes are especially useful for driving crystal radios. No separate ground wire is shown since the coax shield will serve both purposes.

Or how about building

Atmospheric noise obscures any intermod. Or, how about building a dedicated antenna to receive a distant weather transmitter instead. See the below picture for those dimensions again. This active antenna for the shortwave band provides surprising performance, even indoors.

The antenna will give you access to most hit shows and plenty of sporting events. We can deduce from this how much power has been converted into wireless energy. You want an antenna that is small and flat.

Atmospheric noise obscures

Don't connect this circuit to a long wire antenna unless you are curious to hear what radio chaos sounds like. See the section further down on how to size the feedline. There are hundreds of options and they all seem to be a great option. If you plan on cutting the cord, then you need a tv antenna.