There are two parts to this

Advice for dating a woman with a child

You may be confused about your role or what to expect. The second part is you must be trustworthy. Get to know her before making judgments about her sexual preferences. And, believe it or not, she could just be entering a more independent phase of motherhood where she can leave the baby with a sitter and is looking to have some personal time with a hot guy.

Maybe she and the father have an amicable relationship and co-parent and she will never be looking for another father. Also, she may not have been getting a lot of sex in the last few years, so she may be eager and excited to take out her frustrations on you. This is one situation in which you should be quick to listen and slow to speak. While it may or may not be rational, you need to make sure she knows your word is bond and can rely on you. She may be upset but she will eventually realize that you thought enough of her and her son to be honest and she will respect you for it.

You may not be dating or father material, but she may not want either of those things at the moment. The first part is you need to be gentle and take it slow. This will also give her a chance to get her affairs in order. It could be that she just likes spending time with you and will see where it will goes.

The second part

Yes, perhaps further down the line, maybe you would be a good father to her son. There are two parts to this. Do this with empathy and understanding, as it will also give you insight on the type of woman you are with.

In any event, she put her full trust in someone for one of the most important events in her life, and that trust was broken, even if it was fate that robbed her of her husband. Being patient is a must to take the pressure off of both of you. On a side note, if this includes him calling you daddy I would seriously advise against that before you get married. She will know when the right time is. Plan activities or dates that will be inclusive for the entire family.

The unsteadiness of being involved in a relationship with a single mother can be trying and cause undue stress in a relationship that would otherwise thrive. When she sees your willingness to accommodate her, this will prove your seriousness to her. In a situation like this it is best to be honest because there can be a world of hurt for her and her son if your not.

Once you are sure of your seriousness, let her know through your actions and verbal communication. Tips Avoid treating a single mother as simply a mother. She may just want you for your body.

But never push it, or you could end up pushing your girlfriend away. Romance and thoughtfulness will often be more appreciated in these situations.

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