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See our news story for all the features. Audio tools are minimal, but you can set an audio track's volume percent, fade it in, fade it out, or mute it. It's definitely clearer than the old bicubic algorithm. The software can produce support beams and repair surfaces that wouldn't print correctly without them. You can't yet use touch for finger painting, however New for the release is support for the Surface Dial.

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The same Profiles feature appears in Lightroom. Export and Share Photoshop's Export options are richer than ever, and the performance is better, too. New for the Camera Raw utiltility is Profiles. Its clutter-free approach to layers is impressive, as is its Repeat Grid tool, enabling you to quickly place a number of images within a grid and control it with precision.

Non-Creative Cloud members can still buy assets from Stock. You can also import your Character Animator scenes into Premiere Pro for further editing. After you license it, it retains any edits you make. Dehaze is a Camera Raw feature also offered by Lightroom.

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Face detection has reached an increasingly high level of accuracy in recent years, to the point of recognizing individual facial features, as well as whole faces. Only a few transition options are available, however, all of them variants of fades.

Photoshop is keeping up with the times in terms of touch input, such as that that supported by the Microsoft Surface Pro. Of course, you can do all this from Photoshop's ancillary Bridge image organizer app. It also lets you manipulate multiple objects at once, or easily swap their locations. Note in the image below all the extra clouds generated in the sky on the right to create a more spacious square composition. An Artboard can also be thought of as a level above layers.

These give you more options for how Photoshop converts raw files into viewable images. Avid Media Composer, a powerful video editing tool. Well, Animate is the next-gen incarnation of the tool. Below, you can see the before and after left to right on a sample.

All they do is email you a standard solution, that sometimes doesn't even have a whole lot to do with your issue. Finally, you can add metadata, such as copyright information, at export. But you can also search Stock right in the Library panel and insert it into your image, where it will be watermarked until you license it. This brilliant tool finds facial features like eyes and mouths and gives you the ability to manipulate them with sliders for resizing the eyes, nose, face width, and jawline. This is, undoubtedly, a lot of cash.

Each video track you add becomes a Photoshop layer that can be individually adjusted. Read my review of that application for a more in-depth look at Profiles. The Export option replaces the tried-and-true Save for Web option though you can still use that if you prefer.

You can also set up a Quick Export option from the File menu to use the format of your choice. Photoshop's position as the preeminent image editing tool remains secure.

As its name suggests, it lets change you change the aspect ratio of an image by adding to the sides instead of simply cutting them off. It's impossible to cover every feature here, but I'll take a closer look at a couple of the standout tools. All three are horrible horrible buggy.