Great historical enterprises I

Acta sanctorum ordinis sancti benedicti online dating

Great historical enterprises I. This expansion of the duchy was probably the cause of an increase in our information about the region and its dukes after a period of obscurity lasting from the Viking raids of the s.

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He was not at that time employing the title Count of Bordeaux. In addition to the extraordinary amount of biographical material, extensively researched, the Acta Sanctorum broke new ground in its use of historical criticism. In Navarre he acquired a wife, but was forced to return to Gascony as Viking raids became increasingly serious.

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. He united the County of Bordeaux with the Gascony. He later carried the ducal title. It has been proposed, however, that the duke of Gascony was on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James at Compostela when, in an emergency, he took command of the defences during a Viking attack. The project was conceived and begun by Jesuit Heribert Rosweyde.