Ramona is able to cure Elisa

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When Kenia tells Carmina that she doesn't deserve Augusto, Carmina kills Kenia by hitting her on the head and then drowning her. He is determined to do exactly that no matter what it takes or costs. Kenia is Gael's half sister Ingrid is her mom but Rosendo wasn't her dad. He does not appreciate having a father like Braulio who loves and cares for him. She lives with her grandmother Ramona Raquel Olmedo the town healer but Ramona reputation as a witch.

Carmina turns up pregnant but, it ends up being Rosendo's baby not Augusto's. Florencia fakes a pregnancy to get back at Alfonsina and reveals the lie to Damian on the day their church wedding which also happens to be the same day as Elisa and Gael's wedding.

Later, she convinces him to marry her. They reconcile their relationship. Carmina takes advantage of Augusto and seduces him. While trying to win Damian's heart again Florencia plans to steal Sabrina's baby.

Gabino reveals to Paloma that

They have one son, Damian David Zepeda. Her business partner is Gael and they plan to marry.

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Carmina ends up with both of her legs amputated and then kills herself. Gael and everyone find out that Gabino buried Ingrid alive and that he is also responsible for Blanca's death as he had ordered Horacio to burn her store when she was inside. But, sadly, the baby dies as Sabrina's mother Begona, who was unaware of her daughter's pregnancy, gives her a weight losing tea. Florencia, knowing Damian is truly in love with Elisa, encourages him to go get her back.

Gabino reveals to Paloma that he is his real father and he hits Chente. When Elisa and Damian return, Alfonsina allows them to be married.

Damian and Elisa become friends because Augusto and Rosendo were best friends. Damian wants to escape from Carmina's detention but Gabino arrives and Carmina and him trap him again. Surprisingly, Damian returns without anyone knowing. Carmina was also Paulo's lover before she put an end to it. She is the only one who knows the truth behind Carmina and Rosendo.

Gael wasn't able to show up as he didn't get permission from Padre Lupe, but he escapes anyway. Kenia finds love again in Augusto. Padre Lupe comes by and picks up Gael. They end up marrying each other. Soon Elisa and Damian fall in love all over again.

Paloma is completely in love with Gael. This also causes Elisa to be hated by not just the whole town but also by her father who has fallen in deep depression. It is revealed that Gael's real father was Rosendo. He accidentally shoots Damian and Damian's mother ensures that it is Florencia not Elisa that is by his side the whole time.